Environmental Politics

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Environmental Politics

Environmental Politics is a subject which is studied academically, focusing on three main core components:

  • It studies political theories and ideas which are related to the environment
  • It examines the different political parties and the various environmental social groups
  • It analyses public policies which directly the affect the environment

You might think that three main core components aren’t really that many to focus on, but environmental politics is a very diverse topic, dealing with often controversial subjects. You see, just the name “environmental politics” can be construed as a contradiction can’t it – the politics of the environment – well politics and the environment are often pulling in very different directions, even if, on the face of it, our politicians “cherry-pick” any environmental information which they think can help to earn them brownie points, or, more importantly, votes. The Green Party, however, are working hard to change public opinion and alter the focus from what we can take from the world, to how we can help to protect it.

Environmental Politics

We’ve begun to learn (well, some of us have) over the last few decades that the world is in a very fine balance, and that by upsetting that balance would mean only one thing – disaster. Political parties like the Green Party are working very hard to sway public opinion about the state of the world and the importance of protecting it, but unfortunately, whilst the majority of Americans can agree that something needs to be done about it, not many of them are willing to forfeit any of the trappings of their “success” for the cause.

We want the environment to be safe, we expect clean drinking water, we want to be able to see the stars in the clear night sky and a wonderful blue sky in the daytime, but we also expect to have our streets lit, we build more and more neon signs to promote our latest film/product/service, we clog up the atmosphere with poison from our cars. Balancing the environment and comfort/profit can be very tricky indeed, and very often, comfort/profit wins hands down.

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